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Quatuor Brac

Violon Violoncelle Contrebasse Alto – 2017

Tiziana Bertoncini, Soizic Lebrat, Benoit Cancoin, Vincent Royer


Information sur l'évènement

  • mar

    Quatuor BRAC

    20hBlack Box - Gasteig | Offene Ohren e.V. - Münich

    avec Tiziana Bertoncini, Vincent Royer, Benoît Cancoin, Soizic Lebrat

– In the Quatuor BRAC, four virtuoso string instrumentalists have come together: the Italian Tiziana Bertoncini, Soizic Lebrat (who replaced Martine Altenburger , the »A« in BRAC’s original line-up), Vincent Royer and Benoît Cancoin from France. Improvisation is both the core competence and the preferred repertoire of this string quartet. The English description »string quartet« fits much better to the playing style of the Quatuor BRAC, as the instruments are plucked, stroked, rubbed, knocked – and the voice is used again and again alongside the instruments.

Quatuor BRAC loves the confrontation with and the challenge of the unforeseen, exploring spatial acoustics, the performance situation and the interaction with the environment. The willingness to take such risks seems to stem from their shared self-confidence to forge new musical pathways in any given moment, giving the quartet a wonderfully scrappy brand of clarity.

(Offene Ohren e. V. Friends of Improvised Music, Munich)

Concert –  Moers – 2018